ms. lytanie

♫ a lil bit freaky girl ♫

Holiday Shoot

I don’t even feel that a year has passed by. My last grade in Junior High School. Thousands experiences, moments, and stories.

Berakit-rakit ke hulu, berenang-renang ke tepian.

The top of the top was reached last April 23-26. National exam! Gradually i finished it. And now is my time for waiting and hope the best result for my hard work. I deserve enough for holiday, of course. You don’t need to spend a lot of money by go to another city or abroad, although i want it too :p Just spend your time with your beloved friends and family, and you’ll worth it! :D

We are lydikenoriwil, the crowded, which include of Lytanie, Adi, Kevin, Nonie, Ricky, and William. Hahaha. Adi wore donker blue, Kevin wore black shirt, Nonie is another girl beside me, Ricky wears glasses, and William wore the red clothes.

And continue with the trio! We just took it this afternoon. Salidi. Sarah, Lytanie, Adi. Another weird nick :p We laughed a lot, talked about everything unimportant, and forget about the main idea what we were going to talk about. Adore them? Follow them on Twitter.

Sarah: @yovankasarah

Adi: @kristiadibodolz

William: @will4cesc

Kevin: @pratamakevin

Lytanie: @LLytanie

Anyway, we didn’t use real cigarettes in the last photo. Those are just pencils we used to use for national exam! Hahaha.

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