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Pics of Cody McClendon

I’ve never got enough with Cody McClendon :p

what do you look at?

keep your armpits, cody :p

Cody, Tj, Dad

Holly, Tj, Dad

“i’m still dry B)”

the left one is Cody, not TJ! they’re really look alike now :)

school canteen’s noodle

doing his hobby

with his new friends

cody’s buddies: iyas, larry, and a blue-shirt-boy that i don’t know the name

cody, dad, tj

woot! :)

he’s more awesome than gonzales :p

Say ‘Hi’ to the sweetest couple


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5 thoughts on “Pics of Cody McClendon

  1. dewintasari on said:

    who’s Holly? Is she Cody’s sister?

  2. kj_pangaribuan on said:

    I know the guy with the blue shirt :P Hhahaha

  3. which photo? hahaha

  4. aku nggak rela kalo cody ma cewek lain
    hihihihi :(

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