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Christabel Montezuma

It’s not fair if i posted about Cody McClendon but i say nothing about his girlfriend. So i posted about Christabel Montezuma too then. Or as known as Chiskie. Here it is!

Yap. Let me tell you guys first. Cody knew Chiskie because of their parents. They often meet and finally like each others. So they don’t go in the same school. Chiskie does homeschooling (if only i’m not wrong). Three days ago, 1st of April, the couple just celebrated their first anniversary. I know those all from the fans page on Twitter.

I think Cody is right on choosing the best partner for his life :) Chiskie is cute, pretty, and also funny. Don’t believe me? Follow her Twitter! Okay, these are her photos. Check’em out!

She was born on November 1997.

She is cute, isn’t she? :))

That is her older sister, Emmanuela Montezuma. They both are beautiful. Chiskie still has another sibling, one older brother.

That’s all i can give for you. But the last, this is Chiskie’s tumblr. Thank you for reading this post! :)


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