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Style History: Justin Bieber part. 1

Justin Bieber has become one of the biggest pop stars in just a few years. Since releasing his debut album, My World, in 2009 the Canadian-bred singer has collected accolade after accolade. Not to mention, he has chicks screaming for him wherever he goes. Now that’s star power. So who better to grace the cover of the latest issue of Complex than the Biebs himself?

The singer, who recently just turned 18, has practically grown up in the media. We’ve seen him pump out hits like “Baby” and “One Time,” try his hand at rapping, and snag a chick like Selena Gomez. But according to our cover story, it looks like he’s ready to grow up, and the way he dresses himself has followed suit.

While his style has remained casual, we have seen him trade his purple hoodie and Supra sneakers for dope leather jackets and designer kicks. We compiled the best of his looks from 2008 until now. Check out his transformation from YouTube sensation to full-fledged pop icon. Here’s Justin Bieber’s Style History.

Where: Family photo When: Childhood years

Complex says: We had to go waaay back, before he even knew what a stylist was. Check out young Bieber wearing colored pants and a plaid shirt. Little did he know he’d be wearing them years from now.

Where: Family photo When: Childhood years

Complex says: Even at a young age, Justin’s shirting game was already on point. And check out that mullet!

Where: Stratford, Canada When: 2007

Complex says: Before Justin became famous, he would perform outside of a local theater. Just him, his guitar, and this bright red long sleeve polo shirt.

Where: Canada When: Childhood years

Complex says: Baggy pants were huge in the 90s. But we bet Justin wouldn’t have guessed he’d be wearing skinny jeans today.

Where: Stratford, Canada When: 2008

Complex says: Remember this? If you weren’t rocking the long-sleeve-under-the-tee-look yourself, you probably had friends who did

Where: Atlanta, Georgia When: 2008

Complex says: Justin’s manager, Scooter Braun, flew him to meet Usher. Shortly after, the younger singer was signed. He must have this shirt framed somewhere.

Where: Arthur Ashe Kids’ Day When: August 2009

Complex says: This is classic Bieber: purple hoodie and the hair. So you know it had to make the list.

Where: Unknown When: November 2009

Complex says: In the early days, his style pretty much consisted of hoodies, jeans and fitted hats. We’re not mad though; he dressed his age.

Where: “Eenie Meenie” video When: 2010

Complex says: By this time, Justin’s style was beginning to change and we were beginning to see more variety.

Where: Staples Center When: March 2010

Complex says: Streetwear brand KR3W gets a co-sign from the singer.

Where: MuchMusic Video Awards When: June 20, 2010

Complex says: Justin hit the red carpet with “big bro” and Canadian rapper, Drake, in Toronto. Both looked pretty good, but extra points for Justin who took the risk and rocked pastel colored pants.

Where: Elle September Issue When: September 2010

Complex says: Somehow Justin managed to score a photo shoot with Kim Kardashian where the two acted as a couple. How can we get a hook up?

Where: Barnes and Noble in Los Angeles When: October 31, 2010

Complex says: The G-Star leather jacket is a good start for what would become a mean collection of outerwear.

Where: Love Magazine outtakes When: January 2011

Complex says: The color is a nice touch to the classic motorcycle jacket.

Where: Jimmy Kimmel Live When: February 10, 2011

Complex says: Try not to be alarmed by the bald head—Justin and Jimmy Kimmel were parodying Britney Spears’ shaved head. Just focus on the distressed look of his leather jacket


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