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Cody McClendon

Well. I knew him for the first time from a girl magazine with Pink Monkey icon in it. That edition reviewed about Langit Biru’s casts, but only the main characters. There were 2 boys and 2 girls. One of the boys is Cody McClendon. I love him from the first sight!
His full name is Cody Isaiah McClendon. His father is American and his mother is Indonesian. They are Mark and Ira. Cody has 2 siblings, a sister and a brother. They are Holly and Timothy Joel aka TJ.

Cody was born on August 28, 1996. He is the eldest son.

Now he studies at Sekolah Pelita Harapan, Lippo Cikarang. I think because he lives in Lippo Cikarang too. He sits on 10th grade.

Langit Biru is his first movie project. The movie is about anti-bullying. It takes quote “Kawan Bukan Lawan, Say No to Bullying”. He acted as the bully named Bruno.

Cody did acting there with many new actors too. Like Ratnakanya Pinandhita, Jeje Soekarno (Ricky Harun’s brother), Beby Natalie, and many more.

Cody already has a girlfriend. Her name is Christabel Montezuma. They know each other because of their parents.

Cody also has bestfriends. As far as i know, 2 of them are Iyas and Larry. Iyas wore black glasses, Cody wore the green, and the other one is Larry. I can know it because of… Twitter. Here they are.

What do you want to know again? Okay. Check these out

Cody can dance. And he practices it only by himself, not by course or anything. He only open Youtube and try. He also loves skate-and-longboard, basketball, and parkour.

This is Holly and Tj.

Say hello to McClendon’s family.

He’s too cute, isn’t he? You’ll never regret to follow him on Twitter ;)

Cody’s twitter. He’s so kind and gorgeous. He have replied and retweeted me there. He also follows fans, McClendonizers.

Cody McClendon’s. This is Cody’s personal and offical facebook. Full enough friend list :( But we still can see his photos there :)

The last, i made this for him ;)


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10 thoughts on “Cody McClendon

  1. yah , ka Cody udah punya pacar :(

  2. Handsome boy you @agamo56

  3. melly dwita putri on said:

    cody you are so handsome cute cool. You are the most handsome man I have ever are is the best

  4. Rany Meywati on said:

    waooo bagus

  5. Gerica Carenina Kembaren on said:

    Wow greatful :)
    Really love cody
    McClendonnizer greeting :D

  6. tiara setianto on said:

    Syg bgt kalo udh pny paca :( but keep support him :D

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