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Real Teenager Now!

Tuesday, 21st of february. thanks everyone for everything! finally i got 15! wait for 2 years and i will get my own citizenship card :p
i love being 15. it’s a normal age. not only too young, but also not too old.
my first friend who said ‘happy birthday’ was Kevin. he greeted me on twitter at 9 pm, on february 20th. lol. too early, but thanks! the second was also my friend, Opie. he greeted me at 10 pm, also on twitter. actually i have 3 friends that greeted me too early. rawwrr. many people say if we greet someone before her/his REAL birthday, they’ll get short lifespan. NOOO!
this year, in my 15th birthday, i got 15 greetings from twitter, 19 from BBM, 94 from facebook, and less greetings direct in front of me. yawn.
honestly, i’ve to admit that this year’s birthday was not too exciting. last year, i celebrated my 14th with misdeenar’s friends in kedai nongkrong’s. it was monday. but this year just blew the 15th candles with my fam at home. sing a song, share the cake. and i found no water this year. i was all wet when i went home from church last year. so embarassing. moreover, i’d just crimped my hair 4 days before! hell no. dot.
but it was birthday! B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y. birthday! no matter how quiet our birthday, it’s always fascinating as long as we enjoy and.. wait so much for that special day!
i proudly present my biggest thanks for my beloved, sweetest, and funniest class in the world -> 9A! i REALLY know that we’re not good enough for our teachers. i know we are troublemakers. i know we are not as smart as others classes. but i adore yaaa friends!!! especially for Nonie, Faline, Karen, Frans, Kevin, Adi, Willy, Samuel. and also William, eventhough he’s not my classmate :p
thanks for misdeenar Bunda Maria too. love my family here. although you all just ask me for the feast! lol. never mind.
thanks for blood-family too. it’s funny when my brother gave me a greeting with a shy face. and also the others. it’s rough to put your own family in lastest position :/
thank you everybody! everybody who know me or not! love yaa!

xoxo-lytanie <3


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